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Discover how 2xl can help with infection prevention 

Schedule a Meeting With 2XL at APIC 2019 - Booth #1338

Schedule a meeting with a 2XL product sales representative to discuss how our non-toxic EPA registered disinfectants can help prevent infections and HAIs in your healthcare or medical facility. 

  • 2XL products are bleach-free, alcohol-free, ammonia-free, and phenol-free, making our products among the safest on the market. 
  • Non-corrosive formula will not damage surfaces and equipment over time. Safe to use on stainless steel, metal, electronics, and more. 
  • Kills up to 49 pathogens in as little as 4 minutes. Designed to safely destroy the most germs in the shortest time. 

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About 2XL Corporation 

2XL is a leading manufacturer of smart, cost-effective disinfecting products for fitness, healthcare, food service, education, manufacturing, other workplace environments, and consumers around the world. 2XL Corporation’s passion is rooted in providing smart solutions in any environment where ‘clean’ is important.  2XL is changing the world and will continue to be the leader in cleaning and wellness solutions for customers throughout the world by enabling customers to reduce infections. 


Relentlessly Clean In Every Situation

We offer a variety of product solutions that simplify keeping all areas of your facility clean, safe and germ-free. Check out our other products which include general cleaning and sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizers and foams, stainless steel stands and wall mounts, and more! View them on our website by clicking our logo below. 



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